Saturday, March 12, 2011

Making Of : The Big Gundown - Ennio Morricone Tribute

Now, here we go. There is this song that I want to remake from The Big Gundown soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone.  I will upload on this blog a step by step making of the cover. You will see every details of my work, filled with tablatures, video and explanations of the recording and mixing process.

I will first invite you to watch an old cover I did of the Maestro. It was the song Mystic and Severe from the movie Death Rides a Horse (Da Uomo a Uomo), a song also featuring in the movie Inglorious Basterds. Based around a cool bass line, the song slowly build to epic proportions. Check it out !

This time, I'm going to work out the theme from the The Big Gundown (La Resa dei Conti). So before going further, it would be a good idea to listen to the theme in question. You will note that the song start with a great guitar line and it will the first thing I will discuss in the next post on the blog.  Here's the music :


A great song, one of Morricone's best scores ! You got it all : guitars, rolling drums, vocals, brasses. strings. Let see how we can rock this out !

My objectives with this remake are to come with something as punchy and kickass as the song I did from Death Rides a Horse. Epic is the word and this is from Ennio so there will be a couple of musical tricks to unlock, that's for sure.

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