Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Releasing the Obscure LP Music

( I should have posted this in November 2011, but it got lost... Well, it's not too late to wrap up on volume 1 and say some thanks. )

Finally, I'm done with the LP volume 1 production ! It's there. In boxes, in my basement and I've been able to ship a bunch so far, thanks to internet that make this kind of restricted audience project possible.

Unfortunately, I've not been able to maintain a proper journal of this adventure. I would have love to share all the details and experiences of this long journey - and trust me there is a lot interesting details to share - but time is missing and one have to put priorities and focus on the making of the project, not the telling.

Maybe, now that routine is back at a more normal level, I could eventually wrote some chapters of the making. You know, to fill the United Record Pressing 10 pages forms that specified every details of the vinyl manufacturing was a very demanding tasks and required attention. I think I've made my homeworks for all of this. Production, mastering, art, manufacturing, shipping costs, promotion. Ask me !

But for now, I would basically like to thanks some people who helped me at different stages. In fact, if there's something that I gained with this project (certainly not money) it's new friendship from all over the world.

Thanks to David (Davidfromlille) for the cool videos and the awesome artwork for the album cover. Thanks to Alex Wank from Totem Records/Cineploit who was so enthusiast he ordered me a complete box of LPs that he spread with his Austrian and German fellows at gun shot speed. Thanks to Rick and everyone at Dusty Grooves who received my project with great attention and got the LP available from the best online music store. Thanks to Jocke from Record Heaven and their tentacle-esque distribution network. Thanks to DJ Alfonso who played some songs from the album at one of his Rendez-Vous thematic night. Thanks to everyone who bought the LP and share it with friends and sent me feedback on it. Thank you all !

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