Monday, December 22, 2014

Orgasmo Sonore presents Themes International

Dear followers,

This is the time to introduce you to the next Orgasmo Sonore's project for 2015, maybe the most ambitious one since the release of the first album auto-produced and released on vinyl back in 2011!

This new project will sum up all the experience and knowledge acquired during the production of 4 albums dedicated to the great masters of cult soundtrack and library music. It's now time to use what has been learned and put it in new original material. It's about time, some will say! But then, it needs to be a special kind of project. Actually, let's make this a challenge.

Under the working name of "Themes International", the challenge will be to compose and record music for 22 randomly selected themes inside a given time of 2 weeks for each theme. Obviously, the themes have been carefully pre-selected, but one cannot predict in which order they will be imposed. These themes are :

Ennio Morricone
John Carpenter
Stelvio Cipriani
Fran├žois de Roubaix
Italian Library
Spaghetti Western
KPM Library
Vampyros Lesbos
Persian Funk
Psych Turk
Afro Beat
Minimal Synth
Jamaican Dub
Euro Prog
Electro Groove

The themes were selected to cover a wide spectrum of genres and cultures, but one could clearly see a link with soundtrack, library and 70s groove. How surprising? This will be render in full Orgasmo Sonore fashion!

The project will start in January with the revealing of the first theme on the Facebook page. You will then be able to hear the result 2 weeks after posted on Soundcloud. The next theme will be picked after and so on, always revealing one at a time. This should take place over the full year of 2015, with a few spare weeks to take some breaks.

During the period of 2 weeks, I will need to work with some method. First, I'll study the subject for instrumentation and style, I'll experiment a bit, and I'll record an original song inside the thematic bounds. The song should be probably kept under the bar of 2-3 minutes. 2 weeks is not a lot of time to elaborate complex piece of music, but library composer were able to record complete album in a session of 3 hours so I should be able to come up with interesting material! Well, that will be the challenge…

So see you all in 2015 and wish me good luck in the realization of this new exciting project !!!

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