Sunday, February 15, 2015


Oh man, I was so looking forward to picking this one! This theme will be so much fun to make! Turkish Psychedelic is a sub genre from the 70s originating from… hey you guessed it: Turkey. And I loooove it !

Psychedelic Turk is a result of the western music influences of the 70s (Led Zepellin, Jimi Hendrix, Doors, etc…) on the anatolian culture, resulting in one of the most grooviest blend of folkloric and traditional local flavors with classic rock, fuzz guitar and funky beats. Some people will talk about a westernization of the local culture and music, but they are wrong. It's in fact really an "easternization" of the popular music of the west, where a bunch of Anatolian artists from the time appropriated themselves with the codes and styles of the British and American rock bands, and turned them into their own cultural canvas with typical folkloric instruments, percussions and music scales of the east. The result is called "Turkish Psych" for good reason as it is literally mind blowing, not heard anywhere else and that makes the Led Zep song Kashmir sounds like a mere attempt to incorporate eastern scale into rock when you hear how sounds the real thing.

To begin with some listening recommendations, you can't go wrong with this song by Barış Manço  Lambaya Puf De. The Frank Zappa looking Barış Manço is pointing at you on the cover sleeve like he is saying "Hey you, are you looking for some hashish? Well, listen to this first". Indeed, Lambaya Puf De, "The Lamp Trick", is quite a trip, and when it gets fast at the end, you get the essence of Psychedelic Turk and you may get up on your feet and start to do some exotic dancing.

In number 2 of my personal list, you have Erkin Koray, the coolest turtleneck wearing rocker ever, with the song Cemalin from the album Elektronik Türküler, a 8 minutes hypnotic rock groove that I swear you will become addicted only after a few listening. The way he looks at you at 1 : 20 and the strange words he sings, damn, what is going on, I feel strange and dizzy!

(apprently Blogger doesn't let me put directly the Youtube video, so here's the link)

And finally, another favorite of mine is the hip looking Zafer Dilek who gets even more deeper into instrumental turkish melodies and beats, not afraid to blend some spacey moog leads and that's why we love the 70s so much! In the second video, it's wah wah guitar, traditional instruments with fuzz and busy percussions and drums fills, man it's so good!

So for this one, I'll pretend I have some Turkish blood in my vein and I promise something that will kick your but. Check out the result in 2 weeks on Soundcloud.

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